Filtration Media

Filtration Media of the Nature Aquarium
Purification of water, or filter system is very important to keep a beautiful scenery for a long time in the Nature Aquarium.

Filtration media can be classified into three categories by their function inside of filter. One is physical filtration, filtering tiny objects in water by fine filtration media. When the filtration got clogged, it is necessary to clean the media.

The second is absorption filtration (chemical filtration), using filtration media with porous surface, such as activated carbon through water and let absorb unnecessary object. Absorption capacity depends on filtration material, but this absorption filter requires regular exchange when the capacity lowers.

And the third is biological filtration and it is the most important filtration for the Nature Aquarium. Ammonia, generated from fish’s excretory substance and dead leaf, is harmful for fish, but it is going to be turned into harmless nitric acid by nitrifying activity of microorganisms in the filter. Other organic substances are also biodegraded by bacteria, and the water gets purified.

Characteritics of Filtration Media
  Bio Rio Bio Cube NA Carbon Bamboo Charcoal Clear Float Tourmaline F
Effect Biological Filtration Biological Filtration Chemical Filtration Chemical Filtration
Biological Filtration
Capture oil film
Chemical Filtration
Improve water quality
Promote microorganism
Supply mineral
Material Pumice
(in a dormant state)
Polyurethane Activated carbon
(with controlled pH level)
Charcoal of bamboo Charcoal of mulberry Raw stone of Tourmaline