Pollen Glass series

Diffusing CO2 in a form of tiny bubbles like "pollen"
In the history of Aquarium Industry, there were some epoch-making events. One of such events is the introduction of the all-glass aquarium product. ADA Pollen Glass-CO2 diffuser is the first model of such products. It diffuses CO2 in a form of tiny bubbles like pollens and spreads CO2 into the aquarium water. The transparent glass products are blended into the water environment and do not disrupt the aquascape.

ADA focused on the characteristic if glass : its clarity and flexibility like water. For us, glass was the most appropriate material for aquarium products.
The release of Pollen Glass presaged the coming of a new age of the planted aquarium.

Diffusing filter of Pollen Glass series is also made by glass. CO2 supply efficiency can keep with a proper cleaning.