IAPLC 2016



Closing date: May 31, 2016

Closing Date for Application

The application must reach us no later than May 31, 2016(JST)


Freshwater planted aquarium (terrarium, marine aquarium cannot be applied)

* In case of open type aquarium, only underwater part is subject of grading.  


○Both professionals and amateurs can participate in this Contest. Only the work created by the entrant (individual) is accepted (there is no restriction in aquarium tank size).

○Each entrant may submit only one piece of work. (Any application under a name of the entrant’s family member or anyone else is striclty prohibited.)* Reuse of similar motif that has been demonstrated in any work formerly submitted to this Contest (including use of the same composition materials, rearrangement of any past layout through mere change of plants and reversal of any past layout) is subject to point deductions.

* A layout remarkably resembling any of the past top winning entries is subject to point deductions.* Entered photograph must have been taken within one year prior to submission.* Use of houseplant, marginal plant or other plants which hardly survive in water and/or use of layout materials which have difficulties in maintaining for a long time is subject to point deductions.* Any entry which can disgrace this Contest is subject to disqualification.* Entry must be a picture of the entire aquarium that has been taken from the front side (pictures taken from other angles and/or showing only a part of the aquarium are subject to point deductions).* The copyright of entries belongs to Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. Use of any entry for advertisement and/or publication purposes without consent of Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. is strictly prohibited. Entry disclosed on internet and/or magazine without consent of Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. shall be disqualified from this Contest.

* Private disclosure of entry and publishing of entry on any magazine or other publications must take place only after the official disclosure by Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd.

* Entry that has violated the terms and conditions of this Contest is subject to disqualification, before and after the determination of the world ranking.

* Please note that we do not take any questions regarding the grading of the Contest.

Entry Fee

No Entry fee  

Submission Rules

○Entrants must submit image data created with a compact digital camera, digital single lens reflex camera or others. Any image data captured with a cell phone or smart phone is not accepted.

○Image data file to be submitted must be in JPEG format (RAW data is not accepted).

○Image data must not be processed by way of trimming, reversal and retouching, etc. Do not delete Exif information.

○Use entry form on the official IAPLC website (http://en.iaplc.com) for entry. Online entry process is very simple – just fill in the form and attach your image data.

○If the image data is resized for submission, the original image data must be retained. The original data is required for top-winning entries. 


* The picture of the layout can be taken by any person other than the creator of the layout.

* Entry must be made under the name of the creator of the layout. Entry that is made under a false name or any name other than the creator’s (including the name of a family member or acquaintance) shall be disqualified.

* Entrant who provides any inaccurate or insufficient information for entry and/or registration may not be able to participate in the Contest.

* Submitted photographs/data files will not be returned.

* Refer to the official IAPLC website for the entry using color reversal film or printed photograph.

* Any simultaneous submission of identical work, whether an identical or different photo cut, to other contests is prohibited.  Entry that violates the contest terms and conditions is subject to disqualification, before and after the determination of the world ranking. The submission of an identical work to the following ADA-authorized contests is accepted only if the contestant shall not release the work on the internet, publications or any distribution media prior to the official result announcement by ADA.

* For the latest ADA-authorized contests list, please visit the IAPLC website: http://en.iaplc.com/

ADA-Authorized Contests in the World

AGA International Aquascaping Contest

Organizer:Aquatic Gardeners Association

 European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (EAPLC)

Organizer:European Aquaristics GmbH(Germany)

The Great Indian Aquascaping Contest(TGIAC)

Organizer:Still Water Aquatics(India) 

Hungarian Aquascaping Contest(HAC)

Organizer:Green Aqua LLC.(Hungary)

Malaysia Aquatic Plant Layout Contest (MAPLC)

Organizer:Aquatic Creation Technologies S/B(Malaysia)

 Application Submission / inquiry

Official website: http://en.iaplc.com

E-mail: support@iaplc.com

The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Steering Committee 


8554-1 Urushiyama, Nishikan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata, 953-0054 JAPAN

PHONE: +81-256-72-6666 


  2016 Schedule

May 31               Closing date for application (Due date)

Mid-August      Notification of the world ranking to each contestant

* For the contest results, please check the International Aquatic Plants  Layout Contest website; http://en.iaplc.com


The contest result will be published in the following magazines (tentative):

AKVARIUM Zive (Czech Republic), AQUA JOURNAL (Japan),

AQUA LIFE (Japan/South Korea), Aquamag (France), Aqua Magazine (Brazil),

AquaNet (Taiwan), aquaristik (Germany), Aquarium World (China),

FISHMAX (Thailand), Pets (Malaysia), Practical Fishkeeping (UK)

The Aquatic Gardener, The Fishkeeper (South Africa),

Tropical Fish Hobbyist (U.S.A.)


  Contest Prize

Grand Prize       1     JPY1,000,000       Certificate, Plate

Gold Prize         1     JPY300,000          Certificate, Plate

Silver Prize        2     JPY100,000          Certificate, Plate

Bronze Prize     3     JPY50,000             Certificate, Plate

Honor Prize     20    JPY10,000              Certificate, Plate

Winning Work 100             -                   Certificate

* Top winning entries will be published in the IAPLC Booklet.

* The lower ranked works may not be showcased in the Booklet.

In case of applying through the official HP, it is not necessary to fill out the below table.

*must be filled by ENGLISH Alphabet

*First Name :

*Family Name :

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