Wabi-kusa with Waterfall

With Wabi-kusa placed on the Waterfall, aquatic plants grow densely with time, and you can hear the sound of water though the plants. Fishes  swim in the bottom layer which is a water space filled with water. The view of the Waterfall system is almost like a jungle.

Aquatic plants can be grown easly by placing Wabi-kusa on the Waterfall which has a staircase like structure as the water circulate continuously through Waterfall and avoids plants from drying out. It gives the joy of seeing both underwater and overland sceneries.

    A fun part of popular Red Bee Shrimp (Cardina sp.) is not only breeding but also having them with aquatic plants. The red color of Red Bee Shrimp shows up nicely on the green plants.
 Making a layout is easy with Wabi-kusa even for the mini-sized tanks popular for starters at the entry level. By adding small driftwoods, a simple Wabi-kusa layout becomes a splendid aquascape.